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Thermostats – Humidistats – Timers – Zoning

Not too long ago about all you could control in your home was the temperature with a thermostat that had a button or a switch for on/off, heat/ cool and up/down for temperature. Now you can control the temperature in every room, the temperature of the water at a particular faucet or shower, your indoor lights, your outdoor lights, your security system, the garage door, your car, the pool and who knows what else since this was written. All from your smart phone app.

Thermostats now manage air temperature, indoor humidity, timing of operation based on how you use the home. There are thermostats for your water heater that are operated from the bathroom or the kitchen to adjust water temperature at the shower or sink. There are timers that make sure you are not heating water when you are not even home.
Zoning can take a single air conditioning system and make it operate like 6 independent systems with thermostatic control in every living space in the home. Not only can you manage comfort from room to room but you will operate your system in the most efficient manner possible.
Smart Phone control is rapidly taking over in home automation. Many controls manufacturers are developing their own apps to interact with a complete home automation system. These home automation systems can be integrated with almost any electronic device in your home. Let an integration specialist from Force Home Services evaluate your home.

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