Why is Air Conditioning Maintenance so Important?

Regular air conditioning maintenance is perhaps the single most important aspect of your home’s cooling system. With all of the complex parts involved and interrelation to other systems, it’s important to have a trained, licensed professional examine and maintain your machinery.

Routine Maintenance

Our technicians place an emphasis on not only a working system, but one that runs at top capacity.

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Some of the benefits of routine maintenance:

  • Prolongs the overall life and performance of your system
  • Keeps energy usage and utility bills in check
  • Helps to identify potential problems before they happen
  • Saves on costly repairs or potential full system replacement

When Force Home Services performs maintenance, we look for:

  • Properly calibrated parts
  • Filters & clean airflow
  • Suitable sealing on evaporator & condenser
  • Appropriate tuning to your home’s size and temperature needs
  • Potential trouble areas


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  • Technical Excellence, NATE Certified Technicians
  • All Our Team Members are Background Checked and Certified Safe
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When Is Maintenance Needed?

Maintenance should be done when your system appears to be working normally. At least once or twice a year, you need to have your system cleaned and checked to prevent future problems.

You can always trust the professionals at Force Home Services to give you an honest assessment of your system’s needs, and keep your costs to a minimum. Contact us or call today at (940) 323-1051.

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