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20 years ago air conditioning contractors pumped hot and cold air into your home and plumbing contractors piped in fresh water and piped out waste water. Thankfully expectations for these trades has changed dramatically in recent years. We now are obligated to provide solutions for your home that are safe, efficient, healthy and comfortable. Our work is scrutinized by local building inspectors, installations are governed by agencies of the Department of Energy and the EPA. Our industry self regulates to improve quality and standards. The home you live in is treated as an environment and the science of our industry, when properly applied, can make that a safe, healthy and comfortable environment that is economical to maintain.

Force Home Services has evolved with the industry and the demands. We are not here to merely be building code compliant and to meet industry standards. We realized some time ago we are obligated professionally, ethically and morally to a higher standard. We are welcomed into our customer’s homes with the expectation that we are experts in the fields of plumbing, heating and cooling homes. We are paid to deliver on that expectation.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our Team of Positive, Energetic Coworkers
  • Technical Excellence, NATE Certified Techs
  • Home of the Forever System with lifetime warranty on parts and labor
  • Trust, All Our Team Members are Background Checked and Certified Safe
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee–If You Are Not Happy Our Service is Free.

Our History

Force Home Services, formerly known as Air Force Mechanical, has come a long way since its inception in 1998. Over the years we have grown and expanded, and our name has evolved to reflect that change.

In 2001 our business transitioned from new construction to residential heating and air conditioning, creating a fresh and different business model for our company. Therefore we knew we needed a name that could build on our core brand identity and accurately reflect the nature of our company. As a result, we removed the term “Mechanical” and replaced it with “Heating and Air Conditioning.”

Later, we acquired Millard Heath Services, a company which had both an HVAC and plumbing division. With the addition of plumbing to our repertoire, we searched for a name that wouldn’t appear to restrict us, yet would still uphold the continuity of our former name. The result, we kept “Force” and came up with Force Home Services, providing heating, air conditioning, and plumbing services to homes in the Northern Metroplex. Ron Strelke, owner and operator, continues to drive business with the same set of values and attention to customer service he began with over a decade ago.


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1007 Shady Oaks, Suite 102 Denton TX 76205


(940) 323-1051

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M-39704 – James Ashton


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6950 Eubanks Street,B8
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