Your technician will guarantee his work. If our repair fails we will come back and fix it for free. Your technician will give you his cell phone number and you can contact him directly. If for any reason you were dissatisfied with the service, the our company or your technician, call me Ron Strelke and I will personally attend to your concern.


Your first contact with us would most likely be a phone call. We do not use an answering service therefore you will always speak to an employee of Force Home Services. The women and men that answer our phones are friendly and eager to help. They know that you have called because you have a problem you need help with. Many times they can help you resolve your plumbing or air conditioning problem over the phone. They always feel your sense of urgency and will work with you to get a technician to your home quickly.

Once a technician has been dispatched to your home, often that is where the anxiety for the homeowner begins. We make every effort to eliminate that anxiety. All of our employees are screened before they are hired. We perform criminal background checks and we drug test each employee. You don’t want criminals or drug users in your home and we don’t want them working in our company.

All of our background checks are provided by WorkerCheck. WorkerCheck is a first-of-its-kind background screening program designed to afford today’s homeowner an added measure of protection before jeopardizing the family’s safety and security by opening the home to contractor personnel with unknown and potentially dangerous backgrounds. Contractors participating in the WorkerCheck program subject each of their employees to a rigorous background check before they are permitted on the job and in your home.

Screened workers are ID badged and the background screening results are posted on the WorkerCheck website for the homeowner to review before any work is begun. Our Technician will arrive at your home in a clearly marked Force Home Services truck that displays our license and is well stocked with the tools and most parts needed to repair your system. Our technician will come to your door in uniform with picture ID from our WorkerCheck partner and wearing shoe covers to protect your floors. Once you have invited him into your home he is your technician. Your technician will talk to you, ask questions about your plumbing, cooling and heating systems and listen to your concerns.

You can be sure your certified technician will diagnose and repair your heating, cooling or plumbing system using state-of-the-art HVAC tools and techniques. In addition, you will never be surprised by any prices with our Upfront Pricing Guide. You will know what the price is before any work is started and you will not be charged by the hour. Our Upfront Pricing Guide features the protection against unnecessary delays in job completion, like waiting for a part to be delivered. The benefit is you save both time and money!


Each employee whose job duties require him or her to enter the home must be screened and must meet the established standard.

Workers meeting the established standards are issued an ID badge bearing the worker’s digital photo, confirmation number, expiration date and an indication that the badge holder has met the established standards.


Charging by the hour starts with showing up at your door, then the usual price is every 15 minutes. This also means that if the service technician does not have the needed part for your system and they have to run to the supply house for the part…you are paying for them to stand around and wait for the part, chit chat with all the other service technicians that are also there to get parts that day. So lets start adding this up….the “Time & Materials” technician arrives at your house at a cost of $49.00 for the first 15 minutes. Then he leaves to go to the part store to get the part for your system. That is another (minimum) 15 minutes to the part store and 15 minutes back….charged at $19.00 for every 15 minutes. You are now up to $79.00 and nothing has been done to fix your system yet.

The technician gets back, takes another 15 minutes to replace the part – that is $98.00 – then another 15-30 minutes to check out the rest of your heating and cooling system (provided that they actually check your entire system for you) – now you are up to $128.00. And none of this covers the cost of the actual repair! Lets say the part that they repaired costs $149.00 – now you are up to $277.00.

Now you can clearly start to see WHY we don’t charge “Time & Materials”. We don’t charge you a higher price – we charge you a fair Up Front price that you authorize before anything is done to your system. After the technician explains his diagnosis and recommendations YOU authorize the repair and the price BEFORE the work begins. No surprise bills.


  • No records in the Texas DPS Sex Offender database
  • No felony convictions, open deferred adjudications or pending criminal trials in jurisdictions checked for crimes involving sex or violence
  • No felony convictions, open deferred adjudications or pending criminal trials in jurisdictions checked for the past seven (7) years, except for crimes involving sex or violence for which there is no time limit
  • No misdemeanor convictions, open deferred adjudications or pending criminal trials in jurisdictions checked for crimes involving sex
  • No misdemeanor convictions, open deferred adjudications or pending criminal trials in jurisdictions checked for the past seven (7) years for crimes involving violence or theft
  • Homeowners may enter the worker’s confirmation number and view a web page showing worker’s name, digital photograph as well as an indication that the worker meets the established standards


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